RSAT - random sequence

Generate random DNA or protein sequences according to various probabilistic models
(independently distributed residues or Markov models)

Sequence number and sizes


Use a set of sequences as template (same nb of fragments, same lengths):

Template sequences     Paste your sequence (fasta format)

Or select a file to upload (.gz compressed files supported)

   URL of a sequence file available on a Web server (e.g. Galaxy).


Background model
    Organism-specific Markov model (Note: oligomer length = Markov order + 1)
      [List of organisms] not seeing your favorite organism in the list ? Contact us to have it installed

      DNA sequences calibrated on non-coding upstream sequences)   Oligonucleotide size 
      Protein sequences calibrated on all proteins of this organism   Oligopeptide size 
    Independent nucleotides with distinct probabilities
      A T
      C G
    Independent and equiprobable nucleotides

    Custom background model
    Upload your own background file (oligo-analysis format)